Asset Survey & Condition Assessments

Since 2013 EMG have been providing high-accuracy survey and assessment of linear and associated infrastructure, including:

SatLab6000 RTKGPS with Carlson software

  • sewer infrastructure including pump stations;
  • water infrastructure including pump stations;
  • stormwater including kerb and channel and each residential kerb inlet;
  • council assets including utility connections, footpaths, parks and reserves.

Field Operations

Even though the project drivers are often similar, each client has their own particular requirements and project specifications - EMG are flexible and adaptable and always deliver to specification. 

High-accuracy RTK GPS and traditional survey principles underpin asset data capture, while condition assessments are conducted to maximise efficiency while minimising disruption and maintaining a safe work site.

EMG are accredited in Traffic Management, Confined Space Entry and Working at Heights.

Data Processing & Delivery

All project data is delivered in spatial format of theSewer outflow to top of photo client's preference with supporting photos attached to each feature for viewing in the office.

We often supply a range of formats (spatial and non-spatial) according to the particular client request, photos are taken in the same manner to clearly communicate the direction of flowStormwater MH LidOff and identification of each contributing inflow/connection but may also be annotated to describe direction of flow. 

Extension Services

Common extensions to our Asset Survay and Condition Assessment service include:

  • assistance integrating the delivered data back into client systems. We have much experience establishing linkages between client asset registers, billing systems and GIS; and
  • DBYD service locations.

After all the investment in the field program this is often an overlooked but crucial final step to enable use of the new data to inform your management decisions.




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