Auburn City Council Meter Audit


Esk Mapping & GIS were commissioned to conduct an audit of Auburn City Council’s Water, Electricity and Gas Meters that service their Council land assets.

In order to develop solid baselines and targets for Council to manage its energy and water usage, Council needed to review its meters, their locations and billing information, including the accuracy of the information.


Esk Mapping & GIS employed the following methodology to complete this project:


  • Data Collation - Step 1 of the project was to bring together various data sets into a consolidated form in order to plan for the field work. Data came from Mapinfo files, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF documents and hardcopy printouts.

These various information sources were collated into a standard GIS format.

Field Work

  • Field Capture System - Once the data was in a standard format, a field capture program was devised using ArcPad 10 forms, based on data capture requirements. Route analysis was carried out in order to capture the meters in the most efficient manner.
  • Data Collection - Meters were located in the field and captured using sub-metre GPS, information recorded, and photos were tagged to each meter. Esk Mapping & GIS located and recorded over 400 meters from approximately 150 Council properties.


The following outputs were generated and delivered to Auburn City Council:

  • Excel spreadsheet listing all Meter Accounts, their status, comments and coordinates, as well as additional meters investigated and/or found in the field that were not provided with any of the account information
  • Mapinfo file for upload into the GIS, containing a full spatial list of meters investigated in the field. Each Meter investigated was given a Status of “Complete”, ”Inaccessible”, ”Not Council Land”, “Removed”, “Replaced”, or “Could not Locate”
  • Webmap Link showing the location of each Meter and its associated information and photos for access to all users within Auburn City Council:

  • Detailed Report – contains the report with findings, field issues and recommendations


The Meter Audit allowed Auburn City Council to review its usage, meter accounts and develop a strategy towards an Energy and Water Savings Action Plan as part of its Sustainability Action Plan.

Further Information

For information regarding this project, please contact Auburn City Council:

Chris Chung

Team Leader - Environmental Sustainability

Planning and Environment

Auburn City Council

T: 02 9735 1328


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