Farm Mapping

 Call us today for a very competetive quote to map your farm and make planning and contractor communication a breeze.

Farm Map with Aerial Photo

 Esk Mapping & GIS work with you to produce a map that you can use in the efficient running of your farm. The options are up to you but can include:

  • Property-wide map for overview of where stock are, crops are, planned fertiliser or spray treatments, withholding paddocks etc;
  • Paddock or section-wide maps for a bit more context and detail - you can see laneways, gates, waterlines, more detail in the background photo;
  • Choice of aerial photo for detail or plain map for making notes etc;
  • We can arrange load up EM38 or soil surveys, aerial photography or NIR photography for soil/plant health or VRI planning;
  • Pdf maps so you can print when you like, but we keep the data secure so we can supply, update or reproduce whenever you significantly change the farm layout, infrastructure or management etc;

Do you want the control?Farm Map Legend

  • We have a secure web-portal and load the data up, set up your account and password and you can make whatever maps you like, whenever you like;
  • Load up data from your GPS;
  • Download to GPS;
  • There is a mobile app so you can use the GPS in your phone/tablet to locate yourself on the property (or more likely your visitor/contractor can);

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