GIS Support Services:

  • Scope, design and implement a fit-for-purpose Forest Management Information System;
  • On-site, remote or mobile GIS Support (data management to ensure integrity, mapping support);
  • Annual and compliance reporting of resources and operations.

Field Services:

  • Fully conversant in Tasmanian Forest Practices Code;
  • Harvest coupe marking;
  • Establishment coupe marking;
  • Establishment area surveys;
  • Property boundary investigations;
  • UAV aerial mapping - change detection, harvest progress, weed mapping, survival count programs;
  • All field data captured using sub-metre GNSS and provided in client GIS format with geo-referenced pdf map.

Inventory services:

  • Inventory design and coordination;
  • Field measurement;
  • Analysis and reporting;
  • Site inspection and area audit;
  • Industry benchmarking;
  • Due diligence audit;
  • Training and certification;
  • Policy and procedures review.

Biometric and planning services:

  • Growth model review and development;
  • Yield component development;
  • Grade recovery and projection review;
  • Yield table review and development;
  • Experimental trial design and implementation;
  • Database design;
  • Software design and development;
  • Estate modelling;
  • Cash flow analysis;
  • Wood flow planning and scheduling;
  • Resource project planning.

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