GIS Development & Customisation

  • Deliver your GIS anywhere: We design and build systems for desktop and web-based GIS and apps for smart phones and tablets.
  • Improve business workflow and productivity: Our systems put GIS and mapping tools in the hands of your staff - all within a validated, workflow-driven interface for ease of use.
  • Track your operations and assets: Fully scoped, needs-based tools and systems cut straight to the chase - quality data in and out of the system in an efficient manner.
  • Maps, maps and more maps:┬áMost data is linked to location and a map is a valuable means of interpreting and actioning that information. Web-maps with linked databases, georeferenced pdf maps with asset information shown on the page, or complete map-books with only the essential legends and data - all provided by EMG.
  • Automation: We automate and improve quality control for repetitive or complex manual GIS tasks, including editing, data conversion, geoprocessing and reporting.
  • External interactivity: We build specialist tools for your GIS to seamlessly interact with non-spatial files, databases or software including MS Access, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS SQL, Oracle, Flash, XML, text files, etc.
  • We have a strong background in developing the following software:
    • ESRI Products (ArcView 3, ArcGIS 8-10 and ArcPad 8-10);
    • MapInfo;
    • QGIS (Open source);
    • MapGuide (Open source); and
    • PostGIS (Open source).
  • We are experienced with programming and scripting languages including:
    • Microsoft .NET (Visual Basic, C++ & C#);
    • MapBasic;
    • ESRI Avenue & AML;
    • C & Objective C (Apple IOS),
    • Java;
    • PHP;
    • Ruby (on rails) and;
    • Python.

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