Interactive Real Estate Sales Web-map

  • Gresham landing page
  • Property info pop-up
  • Region map view

Esk Mapping & GIS (through our JV company Spatial Australia) developed a dedicated interactive spatial dataroom to facilitate the sale of the Forest Enterprises Australia (FEA) Estate Sale. 

A dedicated website front-ended with an interactive Australia-wide map, registered users could see all properties and plantation assets on a national, regional or local scale, depending on their frame of reference. Key features of the system were:

  • Interactive map tools allowed users to navigate to the area of interest;
  • Linked interactive table within the view allowed filtering or database queries to refine features shown in the table and map pane, and provided a summary of the assets and highlighted any map selections;
  • Clicking on the table record triggered a pop-up with property details and options to produce a map or download relevant documents relating to title, asset on any encumbrances.

Once prospective purchasers had accessed info from the system, they could then register an Expression of Interest (EoI) via the system which then collated all EoIs for consideration by the vendor.

As the sale was concluded in April 2015, the website no longer accepts new registrations - contact us for a demo.

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