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Esk Mapping & GIS have developed 'Property Maps - Rural',  a full-blown interactive web-map for use by Rural Real Estate Agents Australia-wide. Landmark Harcourts Tasmanian Rural Properties is the first user of this innovative new system, which allows real estate staff to securely create & manage property boundaries directly in the system via any web-browser, from where they are then published for public viewing.

The 'Property Maps - Rural' web-map has been seemlessly embedded into the new Landmark Harcourts Tasmanian Rural Properties website, a responsive site developed by Walker Designs, allowing users to view not only Property Listings & Information, but also the Mapped Property Boundary, on any computer, laptop, tablet or phone which has an internet connection. The system can also be taken outdoors - open the map on your iPhone, iPad or Android & Microsoft equivalients, turn on your GPS and you can instantly see where you are near or within the property boundary. Know exactly where the property boundary really stops!

The underlying system, developed and hosted on behalf of Spatial Australia:

  1. is developed on the Open-Source MapGuide web-platform, using PHP, JavaScript & HTML;
  2. can display supporting background maps such as climatic data & planned irrigation development zones;
  3. has a 'Public' front-end for general viewing of rural properties listed for sale on desktop & mobile devices alike, and;
  4. has an 'Editor' version for secure access by real estate agents to upload and manage property boundaries and property information.

Landmark Harcourts Tasmanian Rural Properties:

Australia-wide Rural Property Mapper:

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