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Esk Mapping & GIS provided the design, programming, installation, documentation and training for the ‘Forest Practices Plan Mapping Manager’ system for Norske Skog – Boyer, Tasmania, as recommended from the recently completed system review. The system was developed using the MS .NET Framework (C#) integrating ArcGIS 10 with a centrally stored MS Access database, and is accessed by 12 users.

The system has the following functionality:

  • Each ‘FPP Map’ is comprised of a set of shapefiles, layer files and an MXD document stored in a standard folder structure on the network. Default versions of all these files are used by the system, but can be overridden & saved by the user for any given FPP Map if required.
  • A central MS Access ‘Maps’ database records the FPP ID, folder location, file names and version information for each FPP Map, and an MS Access ‘Admin’ database stores all the default path names, file names, MXD template names, user information and other information required by the system to work in the current network structure.
  • All opening of FPP Maps, management of naming conventions & folders, shapefiles, layer files & MXD files associated with the creation of FPP Maps is carried out by the system, hidden behind a user-friendly series of forms & wizards.
  • Map sub-types (i.e. harvesting, quarry and reforestation), legal variations and files notes for any given FPP Map are quickly created by the user with the click of a button.;
  • The system allows the user to automatically load map templates with standard symbology in a manner that allowed the user to seamlessly switch page size & orientation to suit the dimensions of the forest parcel, and;
  • The system has tools to query & zoom to corporate spatial data which forms the basis upon which an FPP Map is built.

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