Private Forests Tasmania - Strategic Forest Modelling

Development of a strategic forest resource model and integrated optimiser model.

Designed, programmed and implemented a comprehensive GIS model of 20 year wood fibre availability sourced from the 768 000ha private ‘non-industrial’ Tasmanian native and plantation forest resource. The Strategic Forest GIS Model, and accompanying Optimiser model and report, was prepared on behalf of Private Forests Tasmania to support a study into the feasibility and optimal location of wood processing plants within Tasmania. The report is published under the title Private Forest Resource 2012: Where are the best locations for a hypothetical Tasmanian wood processing plant?.


  • Spatially modelled the Non-Industrial Private Forest (NIPF) estate as at 31st December 2011 using data from a variety of sources including:
    • Private forest pi-types:

Non-Industrial Private Forest Estate

    • Forest Practices Plan harvesting & regeneration records from 1997 to 2011;
    • Tasmanian Reserve Estate;
    • Private Forest Timber Reserves;
    • Volume discounts to compensate for yield reconciliation analysis, and;
    • Area discounts to compensate for environmental, legal and landowner restrictions on harvesting.
  • Developed a 20 year growth & harvesting simulation model based on sustainable harvesting & regeneration practices as appropriate to the ecological requirements of each forest type.


  • ArcGIS 10 Add-In Optimiser Model that determined optimum locations for a hypothetical processing plant, based on minimising wood catchment area, using a 5km grid across Tasmania:

5km Sampling Grid

  • Spatial distribution of NIPF harvestable volume:

Distribution of available private wood

  • Visual representations of optimal sites for wood processing plants across Tasmania:

Mimimum Wood Catchment Sizes

  • Comprehensive report outlining modelling inputs, methodology, assumptions, outputs & limitations.

Reference: Wilson, J. 2012.  Private forest resourcing model 2012: Where are the best locations for a hypothetical Tasmanian wood processing plant?  Private Forests Tasmania, Hobart.

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