Saltmarsh Matters App

Saltmarsh App IconSaltmarsh Matters is a free app that allows the Tasmanian community to record flora and fauna observations as well as human impacts in high value saltmarshes across the state.

The app contains searchable lists of birds (113) and plants (61). Users record which birds and/or plants they have observed over the course of a survey session. Bird count and behaviour can also be recorded, whereas plants can have their height and flowering status recorded. There’s also the option to record plant species composition and invasive species.

Human Impacts in the saltmarsh can also be observed such as animal disturbances, algal blooms and developments.

Records are stored on the device (allowing for offline collection) and then submitted to a central database once complete. Observation data can be collated, viewed in a GIS and exported to spreadsheet for additional reporting.

The Saltmarsh Matters App was supported by NRM South through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme. It was developed in 2016 by Esk Mapping & GIS to support community monitoring of Saltmarsh across Tasmania, building on the work of University of Tasmania, NRM North, BirdLife Tasmania, and supporting three regional NRM bodies in Tasmania to achieve saltmarsh conservation activities with their coastal community.

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