Southern Water - Water Metering Tasmania (WMT) Project

Southern Water Water MeterEsk Mapping & GIS were engaged by Southern Water throughout this 18 month project as System Administrators of the field data collection, centralised GIS, integration, scheduling, reporting and ongoing management of all facets of the WMT Project from a data perspective.

Esk Mapping & GIS provided two full time staff for the majority of the project management and 3 staff members for specialist support as required.

Some aspects of the project included:

Workflow design

Southern Water Workflow Design

Daily ActivitiesSouthern Water Scheduling


Scheduling of up to 20 Southern Water field crew was carried out for the identification of services, as well as Quality Assurance of installations. Daily maps were provided to the field crew, as well as technical support relating to the field hardware and software.

 Seamless Integration

  • Integration of Southern Water's field crew data capture (using mobile GIS customised systems) into the centralised ArcSDE database;
  • Production of "Install Ready" properties for the Installation contractors, and integration of Installer's field work into Southern Water's corporate GIS;
  • Seamless integration into Southern Water's corporate GIS (DEKHO) to allow Customer Service teams to troubleshoot enquiries in a real-time capacity;
  • Analysis and collation of data to be uploaded into Southern Water's billing and asset management systems.


 Southern Water Seamless Integration


  • Live reporting using direct links from the back end SQL into MS Access, Excel and ArcGIS, as well as progress production mapping for board reporting;
  • Regular map production for board-level presentations;


  • Compilation and cleansing of existing spatial data;
  • Complex spatial analyses to establish a project baseline and identify properties that were unmetered;
  • Creating daily, weekly and monthly work plans and forecasts;
  • Analysis and reporting daily progress against schedule;
  • Adjusting and rescheduling outstanding work for the following periods;
  • Quality control of all related data;
  • Continuous liaison with, and management of, external contractors.

Esk Mapping & GIS have been an integral part of the Residential Water Metering Project for southern Tasmania, as well as providing specialist advice for the parallel Non-Residential project, including setup of key reporting, data structures, and mentoring for the current System Administrator. Southern Water won the Tasmanian 2012 iAward, in the e-Logistics and Supply Chain category, for the Project Management Tool for the Water Metering Project.

Testimonial from Ross Luttrell – Program Director, Business Transformation, Southern Water:

"Esk Mapping & GIS (Steve Giudici and Phil Bessell) provided a critical role in the installation of 52,000 residential water meters across southern Tasmania.  Their role as System Administrators included the scheduling of multiple resources for the location of water connection (stop taps), providing work packs to Skilltech for water meter installations, and scheduling more resources to inspect the quality of the installations.  As well as facilitating literally thousands of data transactions on a daily basis, they also prepared daily, weekly and monthly project reports for a variety of stakeholders, including the Southern Water Board of Directors.   Esk Mapping & GIS were a critical part of the Water Metering Project Team, and their valued contribution enabled a successful project outcome."


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